Frequently Asked Questions

How long will each analog last?

Each analog will last 2 weeks.

What kind of training or preparation is required before joining the Mars Ocean Analogs?

Participants must have an up to date passport, and must have read the preparatory  “Mars Mental Manual”, written to best prepare participants about the mindset and behavioral expectations of the MOA mission. While sailing experience is encouraged, it is not necessary.  Participants must know how to swim, and diving experience optional. CPR training preferred.

How many participants will be on board the historic boat?

Candidates will sail in teams of 4-8 at a time.

Are there age restrictions for participants?

Participants must be in good health, and aged 18-45 years old. Based on health and skill set, exceptions can be made to older participants.

What safety measures are in place for the sea voyage?

There will be a basic first aid kit on board. The mission will take place in proximity to shore for a coastguard rescue to arrive and assist in the event of an emergency or injury. Participants are responsible for any medications and personal medical necessities for the duration of the trip.

Is there a code of conduct or behavioral guidelines for participants?

To participate, crew members must have read the preparatory materials  written to best prepare participants about the mindset and behavioral expectations of the MOA mission. Conversations relating to life on land, the media and worldly activities must be kept at a minimum to preserve the focus on the Analog mission. Participants must be cooperative and flexible when asked to help with various tasks on the starship.

What should participants pack for the sea voyage?

Sweater, Raincoat & rain pants, Wind parka, waterproof shoes or boots. Personal bathroom essentials, although there will be basic bathroom materials provided. Towels and Bedding will also be provided, however crew members are welcome to bring any additional items they feel necessary.