The Mission

The mission

Each mission will be 2-3 weeks long. 

Candidates will sail in teams of 4-8 at a time.

Analog astronauts will learn to live with constant motion, other people, conservation of resources, limited communications, system maintenance, living in a small confined space, and engage in scientific research including, but not limited to diving, taking measurements, collecting data, etc. 

They will send regular updates and reports to the shore.

Pre-Requisites for Candidates

— Good Health

— Ages 18-45

— Willingness to work with others

— No sailing experience necessary

—Must know how to swim

—Dive experience optional

—CPR training preferred

— Up to date passport

MOA Mission Summaries

MOA IV- Resilience

MOA IV- Resilience

Departure: 6/10/21

Arrived: 6/23/21

Duration: 13 days

Crew: Reid Stowe – Ocean Analog Expert (69) Male, America

Eric Goss- 3rd MOA analog (34) Male, America

Jake Davis- Crew (33) Male, America

Total number of people: 3

Mission Goal: Sail from West Palm Beach, FL to New York City and to demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of a small crew.

End of Mission Report: Crew and ship arrived safely to port despite one very strong squall. One crew member had some internal challenges that came up, but was still able to participate in sail maneuvers as needed.



Departure: 4/29/21

Arrived: 5/15/21

Duration: 17 days

Crew: Reid Stowe – Ocean Analog Expert (69) Male, America

Oliver Parody- Captain (31) Male, Canada/America

Luis Diaz- 2nd analog (28) Male, Peru

Marcos Bruno- 3rd analog (25) Male,  Argentina

Danton Bazaldua- 4th analog (27) Male, Mexico

David Mateus- 4th analog(25) Male, Columbia

Total number of people: 6

Mission Goal: Sail from Starbase TX to West Palm Beach FL. Engage in robotics experiment.

End of Mission Report: The mission ended at Key West because of time constraints of the analog astronauts. Overall the mission was a success and besides gaining many insights into the challenges of space travel, the crew also claimed the analog was a life changing experience.

MOA II- Voyage to Starbase


Departure: 4/1/21 Miami, FL

Arrived: 4/15/21 Port Isabel, TX

Duration: 15 Days

Crew: Reid Stowe – Captain (69) Male, America

John Wolfe – First Officer (29) Male, America

Andrew West – Engineer/Carpenter (29) Male, America

Oliver Parody – Carpenter (31) Male, America

Eric Goss – Diver (34) Male, America

Kate Wicks – Crew (36) Female, America

Gwen Whitney – Crew (31) Female, America

Total number of people: 7

Mission Goal: Arrive on the shores of Starbase, TX.

End of Mission Report: Mission goals were met. The crew had a memorable sail, with good winds, and minimal breakdown of equipment. After a visit to to SpaceX, they departed via land routes making way for the next crew.

MOA I- Demo

Departure: 1/3/21 from Cape Fear River, NC

Arrived: 1/20/21 West Palm Beach, FL

Duration: 17 Days at sea

Crew: Reid Stowe -Captain (69) Male, America

John Wolfe- First Officer (29) Male, America

Andrew West- Engineer/Carpenter (29) Male, America

Oliver Parody- Carpenter (31) Male, America

Eric Goss- Diver (34) Male, America

Atila Meszaros- Analog expert, MDRS (22) Male, Peru

Soanya Ahmad- Chef/Social Media (37), Female, America

Darshen Stowe- Crew (12), Male, America

Total number of people: 8

Mission Goal: To demonstrate an analog at sea and to formulate protocols for future missions.

End of mission report: Despite strong winds right in the beginning, numerous spars breaking, contrary winds, and slow progress, the goal to demonstrate an analog at sea was achieved as well as ideas and actions to improve future missions. The crew bonded extremely well together and remained with the ship after the mission was over.