What is a Space analog?

A Voyage to Mars

     It takes anywhere from  5 -10 months to get to mars in a rocket ship. Upon landing, Earth and Mars are already further from each other given their individual orbits. A year later, when the two planets are near each other again, spaceships can leave Mars and return to Earth in 5-10 months. The whole trip may take close to 3 years or 1000 days. If humans are sent on a long space voyage like the one to Mars, there are some factors to consider, such as how humans will behave in this environment as well as how technology and equipment will perform. An analog is a set of circumstances where some of these factors can be studied, tested, and refined. The Mars Ocean Analog is designed to explore human psychology in the dangerous high performance life and death environment of the sea.

Human Factors

— Living in a confined space.

— Living in a dangerous environment.

–Isolation from society and civilization.

–Interpersonal conflict/resolution.

— Managing limited resources.

— Having the ability to come up with creative solutions.

— Having knowledge of operating and maintaining the vessel.

— Having knowledge of what constifutes health, nutrition, keeping physically fit, and mentally sane.

— Staying calm and focused during emergencies, despite fatigue.

— Having the ability to adapt and evolve.

— Knowing human help will never reach in time

The Sea as an Analog Environment